#48 - Beautiful Yogini - The Brighton Belle

I was lucky to teach a class for the beautiful Josie for my first private lesson at The Studio.  It was so rewarding if not a bit nerve racking but it came so naturally.  Josie was the perfect pupil throughout my career I have tried a range of types of yoga but I love teaching all things baby!  

At the start of my journey I couldn't connect the names of the asanas with the names of the muscles.  I couldn't express how I was trying to move and with what I was saying, things were delayed and I often couldn't say what I was meaning even though I knew what I meant.  When I was teaching was frustrating to say the least.  Slowly the innate language of yoga has come from my heart and the things I have practiced and designed in my lessons have been like story telling of the body.  Learning new information is a challenge but it's such a pleasure to be with beautiful mammas!!

Pregnancy yoga is such a spiritual experience, the thought of teaching a new life inside their bodies is just mind blowing.  I love the I can be part of their special journey even if its only for one class, the prayanama breathing exercises and gentle stretching are brilliant here are just some of the benefits. 

  • Connection with your baby
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Increasing circulation
  • Muscles groups are toned 
  • Nurturing 


Looking forward to the next chapter!!! Keep your eyes peeled for the next classes coming up.