Jingle jingle #27

Writing scripts, verbal thinkin & verbal chattin & mind solving and mind reading....   It's so important to keep things simple (and breath!).

I have been lucky enough to work  with an amazing group of children in the shire, who have been helping me make the first part of my Love Lemon Tree recordings.

It's so refreshing working with children again they even started making up a Lemon Tree song too! Bless!!  Winter hot chocolate yum!

Tiger & Laura  All together now.... 

Tiger & Laura

All together now.... 

Studio road-tripping #26

I have been on the road back to the sea and back to the shire busy writing scripts for my Kids Meditation.  It's been exciting and tiring and inspirational so far.  Tapping into the creativity part of my brain, I honestly feel like it's been a breakthrough. I have been meeting and connecting with some amazing people. I have an amazing pianist who I am collaborating with, an amazing designer, and mentor that I am meeting today.   I am going up and up and up!

I am not only reaching out to people who are skilled and lovely to work with who understand my vision, I am becoming more and more determined to reach my goals.  Keeping a strict regime of getting a balance between my personal yoga practice and teaching, curating my Kids products it's really important to not get stressed out.

I have realised so far as anyone who has started their own business it's tough.  Being able to be flexible enough to put a different hat on in all the parts of my business can be really challenging.

Every time I hit a brick wall, it spurs me on harder.  I know that throughout  my medical and cognitive challenges I continue to face over the past few years, despite this I still want to start my dream of running my own business. So I can try and be flexible to manage both and give peace and love to others (as cheesy as it sounds).  The podcast will be a real help to all children to help them relax and find peace in their minds.  I hope to encourage yoga and wellbeing to all in anyway I can.

My next mission.  Find the cash to really start things moving....

Fingers crossed 


Namaste Xx




Finding my way through the stormy clouds  

Finding my way through the stormy clouds  

Technicolour Beats #25


I came across this amazing song called 'Technicolour Beat' by Oh Wonder a few months ago whilst I was making my Yoga playlist.  (Thanks Iain!) It's the perfect tempo for my warm up at the beginning of my class.  It's really addictive it makes you want to sit down, open your arms and reach to the sky.  I love spending time with eyes closed visualising my technicoloured beat!  You should try it too!!

The gig was at The Haunt in Brighton and it was the first leg of their UK tour having coming straight from the Netherlands I was lucky enough to get some tickets as it had been sold out for months!  Fronted by a loverly couple they came across very humble and played some of the album classics, but it was worth the wait for the final song.  Get your ears around this, Oh Wonderful indeed.

Twinkle twinkle

Neon Rainbows


Turn the lights down loooow


Positive creative juices #5

I have spent the week researching venues for my yoga studio for my course I am creating.  It is so exciting it is coming and finally on the horizon deciding my structure and flow.  I find private teaching very rewarding for both pupil and teacher.  Scheduling my studies has meant I am feeling much more confident.  Here's to the next step!!



WEDNESDAY 1st April #3

Beautiful sunshine and blue skies! April has arrived and so comes love and light.  Sending positive vibes, though it is certainly still fresh by the sea! I have been trying out a variety of guided meditations this week.  1 x hour per day and today's theme is spring!  I have been learning to be more patient and notice the smaller things each day, it's exciting to feel more connected with nature.  I am looking at the clouds noticing the shapes and pictures it's peaceful and quiet.



"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself." ~ Zen proverb

'Spring has sprung  

'Spring has sprung  

The grass is ris'


Welcome to LOVELIFE


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