#35 Mountain Paradise - The Real Adventure - 25th June - 2nd July

Our first retreat from Love Lemon Tree was a huge success!!  Have a look at our blog below!



You can't really wake up to anything better!  As the sun came out early in the morning, so did the overwhelming feeling of appreciation, our Eco-Therapy Yoga holiday had begun!  The guests had arrived from Heathrow during the night, and they were all virgins of mountain life too, so an epic adventure was in store for all!!  We were feeling super excited and all raring to go!!

The summer in the mountains is just mind-blowing, the contrast of the clean cut silver peaks on the skyline, to the emerald green lush carpet of the beautiful pine trees.  There were beautiful meadows of wildflowers that were in full bloom, and the vast energy of nature was oozing around us.


“Each person’s life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life…
~ Pema Chodron

Eco-Therapy Workshops: It was important to combine all the earthly elements around us, so for one of our eco-therapy inspired workshops I had planned we used nature as art.  During our mindfulness walk, we went into the tranquil forest and we gathered our mandala materials these were objects that we could really feel connected to.  

First to establish a sacred space, focussing special attention on the forest floor, and noticing the variety of  natural shapes and patterns around us.  We started with making the mandalas, starting from the outside-into the centre (inner self), and the inside-outside (larger self).  Each guest sequencing in a different way, some also chose to work in pairs all of which conveyed that we are all equal and loved part of a universal oneness.

Each layer represented the expanding layers of our consciousness, the mandala we each created was used as a spiritual tool to help with self discovery during the holiday, we were healing our minds with nature and it felt amazing. 

And..... B r e a t h

And..... B r e a t h

The yoga opening ceremony was lovely, it was a gentle introduction of the week and everyone was gifted an appropriate crystal and I chose Labradorite which not only helps with good heath it helped with your bones and brain, it assists with physical abilities which was perfect for releasing these skills during our deep meditation classes.  Here below are some more details of the properties.

For this retreat holiday we had a varied group and two of who had suffered a really traumatic car crash in December leaving Ruby, who was in a coma and was left with brain damage, and Florian with a terrible injury to his legs.  The program was therefore adapted to those pupils that needed the right type of asana postures and for the rest of the group, it was also a challenging week for the other yoga participants but they all did so well.  We were all really connected and the yoga program meant as it became more of a restorative approach for all and it was an important week of self healing.


When I was on the radio recently on the memory tapes feature on Lauren Laverne BBC6 Music, I was inundated with kind emails, instagram, twitter posts and one of the people that got in touch who was touched my my story heard it was lovely lady called Helen from #chantmalas.  She sent me a customised beautiful Mala Bead necklace hand delivered to my door!!!

They are Rudrashka beads, that help create a cocoon of the wearer's own energy and help ward off negative energies.  These are the beads that Helen chose for me and the properties of each stone are listen below.  I think Helen picked a perfect combination and I am so grateful, whilst I was on the retreat I used these Chant Mala beads before I went into the yoga studio to get focused before teaching my lessons.

Rhyolite (representing all of nature), Rainbow Moonstone (the moon, new beginnings, intensifies famine goddess energy), Serpentine (Earthing stone aids meditation and spiritual experiences), Citrine (power to the sun), Prehnite protective stone (enhances prophesy and deep meditation), Mahogany Obsidian (grounding stabilising, and help reach ones full potential).

Check out her wonderful website and massive thanks to you HELEN!! XXX


Here we are all getting creative with our mindfulness activities, creating crafts outside in the warm sunshine with the epic clouds around us.  The program made my Jane was amazing, where we took on relaxing projects and you know when you are really connecting to art you become more productive and to be still in our minds was so beneficial and a great balance mentally too!

Making and painting our designs for our silk sun mobile hangings addictively relaxing!

Jane's teaching the first steps of her felt making techniques & Iain's beautiful mountain paradise final piece, an inspirational book cover made with silk and felt.  Enjoying a relaxing and refreshing holiday beer.. when in france....

Below our the start of our eco-therapy forest walking workshops, finding the waterfall...


Adventuring through the woods and into the meadows searching out the best routes, note to self trying out the rocky slate mountain hill maybe not a great idea....

Fresh water lake swimming, and yes we found BABY frogs to play with!!!!

Fresh water lake swimming, and yes we found BABY frogs to play with!!!!

Chef Iain cooked up the most amazing delights every day, greeted with the most amazing welcome breakfasts with homemade eggs florentine and wheat free pancakes.  More power fresh nourishing smoothies, crunchy super salads for lunchand ending each day with a menu of 4 x course dining delights an amazing selection of fresh ingredients organic and locally sourced and the guests really were filled with goodness so they all left with very happy tummies!!!  Well done Chef!!!


Sending all our love, Laura & Iain XXXX

Sending all our love, Laura & Iain XXXX

Sending out a HUGE thank you to Iain my boyfriend for his legendary cuisine and chaffing maestro, Jane creative workshop legend (and mum), the beautiful guests, and of course Chalet Rosiere (Alex & Phillip) who with let us host the holiday at their beautiful chalet!!!  Check it out www.chaletrosiere.fr 

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Rainbow in heaven..

Rainbow in heaven..

Or get in touch info@lovelemontree.com

NAMASTE you beauties XXXXXX

Jingle jingle #27

Writing scripts, verbal thinkin & verbal chattin & mind solving and mind reading....   It's so important to keep things simple (and breath!).

I have been lucky enough to work  with an amazing group of children in the shire, who have been helping me make the first part of my Love Lemon Tree recordings.

It's so refreshing working with children again they even started making up a Lemon Tree song too! Bless!!  Winter hot chocolate yum!

Tiger & Laura  All together now.... 

Tiger & Laura

All together now.... 

Studio road-tripping #26

I have been on the road back to the sea and back to the shire busy writing scripts for my Kids Meditation.  It's been exciting and tiring and inspirational so far.  Tapping into the creativity part of my brain, I honestly feel like it's been a breakthrough. I have been meeting and connecting with some amazing people. I have an amazing pianist who I am collaborating with, an amazing designer, and mentor that I am meeting today.   I am going up and up and up!

I am not only reaching out to people who are skilled and lovely to work with who understand my vision, I am becoming more and more determined to reach my goals.  Keeping a strict regime of getting a balance between my personal yoga practice and teaching, curating my Kids products it's really important to not get stressed out.

I have realised so far as anyone who has started their own business it's tough.  Being able to be flexible enough to put a different hat on in all the parts of my business can be really challenging.

Every time I hit a brick wall, it spurs me on harder.  I know that throughout  my medical and cognitive challenges I continue to face over the past few years, despite this I still want to start my dream of running my own business. So I can try and be flexible to manage both and give peace and love to others (as cheesy as it sounds).  The podcast will be a real help to all children to help them relax and find peace in their minds.  I hope to encourage yoga and wellbeing to all in anyway I can.

My next mission.  Find the cash to really start things moving....

Fingers crossed 


Namaste Xx




Finding my way through the stormy clouds  

Finding my way through the stormy clouds  

Technicolour Beats #25


I came across this amazing song called 'Technicolour Beat' by Oh Wonder a few months ago whilst I was making my Yoga playlist.  (Thanks Iain!) It's the perfect tempo for my warm up at the beginning of my class.  It's really addictive it makes you want to sit down, open your arms and reach to the sky.  I love spending time with eyes closed visualising my technicoloured beat!  You should try it too!!

The gig was at The Haunt in Brighton and it was the first leg of their UK tour having coming straight from the Netherlands I was lucky enough to get some tickets as it had been sold out for months!  Fronted by a loverly couple they came across very humble and played some of the album classics, but it was worth the wait for the final song.  Get your ears around this, Oh Wonderful indeed.

Twinkle twinkle

Neon Rainbows


Turn the lights down loooow


Jeremy Corbyn visits the Hatchery #19

Jeremy Corbyn the Member of Parliament visited our entrepreneurial hatchery this weekend!!  Exciting times!!  I was invited to be part of the welcome party at the event and I presented my business explaining the vision of Love Lemon Tree.  I had the chance to have a really good chat on Saturday morning with him and it was lovely to share thoughts about some Jeremy's mindfulness strategies as well as informing him about my LOVELIFE meditation recordings.

As I haven't yet had the chance or budget to produce my business cards he asked me to email the Houses of Parliament so he could hear more about Love Lemon Tree.  The event was really well received with press and TV crew and I think there was such a positive response.

What a day!!

Namaste :)


Good morning Mr Corbyn...

Good morning Mr Corbyn...