Studio #28

I have been on my travels back to the West Country again, I am loving being in the shire, going back to my roots - yeah!!

The experience in the studio reminded me of my radio broadcasting days in London.  But it was so much easier to use my scripts to record it than live radio!!  Take one, take two, the time was precious and I was delighted with the outcome.  I swear my voice has got even lower since back a few years ago!!  

I am again, really positive and grateful.  The children love the idea and I am looking forward to really start putting all the elements together.  Now, its time to reflect and prepare for collaborating with my pianist next week.

Sending thanks to my bro Toby for sorting my xmas present early, and for Barry for the studio.


Ello big ears


I Love Lemon Tree Club - yea its got a ring to it!