Monday 23rd March #2

What better day to start my blog, it's Monday and I have spent the night with this song in my head.  So beautiful listen to it hereperfect chilled wake up song.

I spent most of yesterday planning my week.  I am just trying to test out the most ideal week in terms of doing exercise, eating well through my diet and creating delicious and nutritious food and drinks, yoga teaching and improving, meditation and mindfulness for my brain, inspirational music for your ears.  The only way to combat my Multiple Sclerosis, and epilepsy is by trying to maintain a good balance and positive outlook. My mission is to #LOVELIFE here is my hashtag, this will encompass all the positive things I give back to you all on my journey of good health so I want to share it will you.  Hopefully it will be fun & and thanks for your support so far :) Namaste xx

Solar Eclipse