#42 Children's Meditation Audio release


It's here!!!

I have completed the first Children's Meditation, it the first prototype I have self-released and self produced (with the help of some technical wizards!) so it would be truly amazing to get your feedback!!  It has been hard work for me to get this produced a very challenging experience! 

It's suitable for anyone really from babies up to 99 years old, from my market research I discovered many parents who have also used it with their children has had an amazing effect on them too!!

The idea behind it is to help relax and calm the mind, and guide them through their thoughts and emotions in a inspirational and positive way!  The mountains are a magical place to start a journey of guided meditations an experience you will never forget.

Lemon Tree’s Guide to Guided Meditation

  • Its all about the setting first, low the lights, and get your child ready and relaxed preferable at the end of the day before bed but can be used anywhere..
  • Try and create an routine each time, make the atmosphere comfortable and check the temperature is ok.
  • As we meditate and lower our heart rate we tend to lower our body temperature.  So make sure there is something warm like a jumper of blanket close-by unless they are already in bed!
  • Give permission to check they are ok and happy to participate and so they won't be disturbed..
  • This guided meditation is a great tool whenever and wherever, with headphones ideally.

<<<<<<<<<READY>>>>> <<<<<<Listen below>>>>>>>

In 2012 I had brain surgery and I was diagnosed with aggressive Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy and it changed my life forever.  Key to my recovery was yoga and meditation, a skill I wished I learnt at a younger age.  

  • One in 10 UK children has a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder. 
  • 75% of mental health problems can be spotted before a child leaves school

I want to make yoga and meditation fun & accessible to everyone as it is shown to improve children’s cognitive function, attention span, and self esteem.

I am creating a series of products for children, my Lemon Tree guided meditation is a perfect easy listening series and I am looking to gain funding to produce the full series crowd funder coming sooooon.

Get in touch for more details on info@lovelemontree.com, and reach out to anyone with any feedback all much appreciated .

So..Love Lemon Tree, giving parents a peace of mind, so their children have a healthy mind!