#48 - Beautiful Yogini - The Brighton Belle

I was lucky to teach a class for the beautiful Josie for my first private lesson at The Studio.  It was so rewarding if not a bit nerve racking but it came so naturally.  Josie was the perfect pupil throughout my career I have tried a range of types of yoga but I love teaching all things baby!  

At the start of my journey I couldn't connect the names of the asanas with the names of the muscles.  I couldn't express how I was trying to move and with what I was saying, things were delayed and I often couldn't say what I was meaning even though I knew what I meant.  When I was teaching was frustrating to say the least.  Slowly the innate language of yoga has come from my heart and the things I have practiced and designed in my lessons have been like story telling of the body.  Learning new information is a challenge but it's such a pleasure to be with beautiful mammas!!

Pregnancy yoga is such a spiritual experience, the thought of teaching a new life inside their bodies is just mind blowing.  I love the I can be part of their special journey even if its only for one class, the prayanama breathing exercises and gentle stretching are brilliant here are just some of the benefits. 

  • Connection with your baby
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Increasing circulation
  • Muscles groups are toned 
  • Nurturing 


Looking forward to the next chapter!!! Keep your eyes peeled for the next classes coming up.


#34 Laura & Lauren Laverne - Memory Tapes BBC6 Music

I spent the morning polishing my vocal chords and was honoured to be on the radio for BBC6 Music with my Memory Tapes story in their morning programme.  I am so pleased that they aired it, I have written and re-written my story so many times.  It had been a mission to pluck up the courage, and it's actually great to share it and the BBC6 Music listeners that were an amazing crowd to play it too!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00c000j I salute you Lauren, radio babe!!!

It's great to feel there has been a lot of support out there, and the music, has been such an important milestone and now when I listen to music I am very grateful and feel amazing to listen to the music together! Its been a really humbling experience and I feel very blessed with all your responses and feedback.  Thanks with all my heart and head and sending all your positive vibes out.  

Massive thanks to my mum Jane for sticking my bed in hospital and moving to London to be by my side and support from my brother Tobe, Dad (love you dad) and family.  Particular thanks to my perfect beautiful man Iain for keeping me on my toes after only starting to go out with me for 6 x months and we are still going strong.  I LOVE YOU XXXX

Big ups to the Hackney & Clapton crew too many to name them all (you know who you are best girls ever) and Dickie for lending me your amazing Gaff during my recovery.  Pure legend.  Huge shout out to The Secret Garden Party festival, Freddie, and the gang.  (buy your tickets now before the sell out!) www.secretgardenparty.com 

Thanks to The Royal London Hospital Neurological Department at Whitechapel Hospital who were amazing, speech department, occupational therapy, dietician, neuro team in London & Brighton.

A homage to the best group of massive friends ever, here is the team of legends that made my video when I was ill EVERYWHERE by FLEETWOOD MAC - that one was for you on the playlist...  Though seriously a decade of love went into that tune so sending you all the kisses.  The video you made me was epic!!!  So thanks for that again XXX

Watch it here!!!





There was more and more on my list of songs below and especially LOVE the Want you in my Soul Track, one of my boyfriend and I legendary dancing track you MUST play it!!

In order these were the tracks:






The XX - VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)



There are a bunch of other tunes, I will put up another time which are also amazing and great remixes too!!  Here are just a few screen grabs of some of the feedback.  To be honest Twitter isn't my forte and so I was overwhelmed with hashtags and things but it is amazing just how the world connects with twitter an immediate AMAZING response.  THANKYOUTHANKYOU to all you tweeters, facebookers, texts, calls, emails, and Skype all the way from Canada thanks for tuning in!!

 #briami to all those Brightonians, I have to spread that would be well funny!!




These are just a couple of screen grabs from people (I do know apple, shift, 4 now!)  But all of the comments are amazing thank you thank you XXX

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Hair Heart

Sending you my Hairline to your hearts  xx ding ding

WEDNESDAY 1st April #3

Beautiful sunshine and blue skies! April has arrived and so comes love and light.  Sending positive vibes, though it is certainly still fresh by the sea! I have been trying out a variety of guided meditations this week.  1 x hour per day and today's theme is spring!  I have been learning to be more patient and notice the smaller things each day, it's exciting to feel more connected with nature.  I am looking at the clouds noticing the shapes and pictures it's peaceful and quiet.



"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself." ~ Zen proverb

'Spring has sprung  

'Spring has sprung  

The grass is ris'


Monday 23rd March #2

What better day to start my blog, it's Monday and I have spent the night with this song in my head.  So beautiful listen to it hereperfect chilled wake up song.


I spent most of yesterday planning my week.  I am just trying to test out the most ideal week in terms of doing exercise, eating well through my diet and creating delicious and nutritious food and drinks, yoga teaching and improving, meditation and mindfulness for my brain, inspirational music for your ears.  The only way to combat my Multiple Sclerosis, and epilepsy is by trying to maintain a good balance and positive outlook. My mission is to #LOVELIFE here is my hashtag, this will encompass all the positive things I give back to you all on my journey of good health so I want to share it will you.  Hopefully it will be fun & and thanks for your support so far :) Namaste xx

Solar Eclipse

Welcome to LOVELIFE


Welcome to Love Lemon Tree we love health and well-being, our brand encompasses everything we love.  We aim to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and to help you LOVELIFE as we do, what we do inspires others to do the same.  By looking after our health and well-being through meditation & yoga we open up new positive pathways in our brain.  Please add us to our mailing list to keep in touch via our newsletter, facebook, or blog on our blog page.