January 2018 saw the launch of the DOVE - Real Beauty campaign. What an exciting photoshoot to be part of, it was three days of costume changes, we were working with an amazing team from start to finish! I flagged at the last hurdle to be honest fatigue had set in, despite the delicious sarnies that they laid on, it was so hot and bright in the studio and some intense flashing (an Epileptic’s dream) I mean where the purple m&m’s……Ha haaa, jokes aside, It was to help portray women as they are in real life. My Multiple Sclerosis has many invisible symptoms and you can't see that through the camera. Real life. But I enjoyed it so much, it really helped me build back my confidence in so many ways! Thanks all for the opportunity! :)

The ‘Dove Real Beauty Pledge’

The ‘Dove Real Beauty Pledge’

Dove Aims to:

1) We portray women as they are in real life

2) We portray women with diversity, honesty and respect

3) We help girls build body confidence and self-esteem


You know just hanging out casual Copenhagen Station style.

You know just hanging out casual Copenhagen Station style.


Oh then we found out we were pregnant!!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 12.32.37.png

Pregnancy & Yoga & MS

First Trimester

Now this is like an old wives tale I was somehow looking forward to, that when you are pregnant, all of your MS symptoms vanish, which they.do.not. I thought I can just keep on being pregnant for the rest of my life. No relapses, no disease modifying drugs during pregnancy. No protection, no problem. YAYYYY. Dealing with the desperate fatigue pregnancy gives you, is not a patch on the normal MS fatigue you get anyway, I can manage it. Unsteady balance, sure thing. Morning sickness, well I just ate my way through that, just massively wretching whilst hobbling down the road. Bla bla blaaaaaaa!! :)

During my 2nd trimester in the summer of ‘18, as things were heating up, I was starting to become a bit larger (and sweatier). It all started pretty quickly, I couldn’t work out other it was the fatigue and heat making me feel a bit sketchy or things were making me super ‘puggled’.

I was having a major relapse. (FYI- A relapse is the collection of symptoms that arise because of new inflammation and demyelination in the brain and/orspinal cord.) Within one week, I lost the ability to walk, I was majorly slurring my words, and lost the ability to write and understand information amount other things. I tried to deny things, like it wasn’t happening. Because - I had no MS medication whilst i was pregnant I had no protection. I had new symptoms which meant the legions in my brain were in completely different places. (In layman’s terms, the different parts of your brain are linked with different parts of your body). The scarring is permanent (multiple scarring) so you have to re-route all your pathways as your brain has been damaged.

I have an aggressive form. It was pretty scary. After I had a course of intertravenous steroids, antibiotics and lots of physiotherapy, I managed to be discharged a week later which was a massive relief for now.

Third trimester Carrying a child around inside of you makes you feel like you would do anything to protect them. An overwhelming feeling of surviving - it’s weird. I left the hospital and recovered as much as I could, rested, my epilepsy meant I had to try and relax in a dark chilled out room with my guided meditations. I and totally addicted to, and I love exploring the different types. I find it brings me a massive sense of peace and clarity. I started to write again scribbled at first words came slowly, I had a strong sense of being a warrior lady for my new baby. I could do it reassuring myself every day.

I had a planned C-section, as I wouldn’t have the energy for the birth and had a high risk of a having a seizure. The birth was totally magical and Iain was too. Hector Hurley, was born at 10:10hrs. It took 4 minutes, and I didn’t feel I thing he was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen! So tiny though he weighed in at 8' 3oz, a total dreamboat……and a day later I had a seizure in the ward. It was horrible, long story short, I was in for a week :( I didn’t remember much after that.


After a glorious 5 years in Hove we moved to Brighton taaan. A massive relief we are now on the ground floor. No stairs a blessing for the potential relapses where I can get limited mobility, and even more we can drive the buggy straight in the house!!


~Beautiful Faces - My Baby Shower Celebration~


Friends - forever. What can I say, a generous mix of colourful beauties, an array of some really thoughtful girls. Much love XXXX

~ September ~

The Arrival of Hector Hurley. Our boy finally arrived at 39 weeks a smooth operation with scars to prove it. Each day we fall more and more in love with him :)



Brought me NEW MEDICATION. (I will be able to report back soon).

I saw this online and thought it was a great advert and really communicates the idea if what MS is like. Well sone the MS society!

This was the Christmas advert from the MS Society:


So that’s it in a nutshell, we have laughed, cried, been scared shitless. just the useh. Pure joy.

Looking forward to see what 2019 brings!!