#62 Goddess Sesh - Feeling the Fire*

Catching up, when it was baltic a couple of weeks ago, the country stood frozen and trapped in places.  Schools were closed, motorways were blocked, and everyone was on full meltdown.  There is something pretty magical and Christmasssy when it snows in the UK, to have a full dump is pretty rare.  We are known to chat about the weather all the time, it is a natural common ground amongst strangers.  ideal ammunition for chatting to strangers in shops, and supermarket queues, you meet some random faces to connect with!  

To have snow in February was pretty cooel, we donned out thermals and tried to get out to experience it as prepared as we could!  Personally I used this as a reflective time with my lesson planning, as what people want to do is spend ages in the bath, crank up the heating to full blast.  Drink a gallon of hot chocolate and snuggle down into bed.

I was thinking about class, and although the heating was on warm there was a bite in the air!  I wanted to create an invigorating class, and now that made my students feel powerful and pumped.  Now to feel a bit of a burn, or should I say more challenging pose there is nothing better than this!

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 17.03.56.png

Goddess Pose, aka, Ukata Konasana.

'This pose is working two dimensions of the body, it opens the hips and chest, while strengthening and toning the lower body; the legs, knees and ankles. Goddess pose stimulates the uro-genital eh hem... respiratory and cardiovascular systems.'  Basically all the good stuff!!

  • Utkata Konasana (oot-KAH-tuh cone-AHS-uh-nuh).
  • Easy pose to perform to help you harness the forces of the Universe while stretching and toning your core.
  • Helps connect to our inner goddess, finding a common space with your powerful feminine energy.
  • Start slowly, in mountain pose, to ease into the pose.
  • During each exercise, make sure to maintain a focus on your breathing.
  • Hands to heart, up towards the ceiling. 
  • Heel toe to back to normal

I remembered learning the godess pose and loved it.  Say goodbye to squidgy inner thighs, well hello y0u can see them...  Good goals though!!

Namaste XX

Artist credit:  http://hannahadamaszek.com