#61 The Mountains Insta-live

A couple of weeks ago, I revisited The Mountains episode, I wanted to take the opportunity to read one of my scripts out loud LIVE!  I have only just started doing live vids.....It's a totally different experience, when it is recorded in the studio as you can totally 'get in the zone' you are in a dark soundproofed room!  Rather than in the yoga studio filmed on my wobbly iPhone well it was challenging!  All in the spirit of amateur iPhone filming, I think it gave a bit of a taste The Mountains for anyone who hasn't already downloaded the album. (See below the preview clip).  

In the mountains, you are surrounded by nature.  Pure, authentic, eternal and pure, nothing is more natural, finding your own little trail or footpath to lead you on your meditation journey. 


It was the first one I wrote and was inspired from my visits to the Alps in France where I had been in the summer and winter a few times.  It is so special, grand pine trees that would give way to beautiful fields of wildflowers everywhere, there is such an evocative scent of lavender and pure sweetness everywhere there.

I would be aware of my breathing, slow down the pace....Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale... pure, fresh clean air is everywhere, inside and out. You feel healthy and invigorated just thinking about it - try it!!

I wanted to go back to that place and I wanted to inspire the kids to, but everyone has their own imagination.  If you said 'draw a tree' or a 'mountain' they would all be a bit different with different colours and styles.  

It set me off on my thread, (I have a lot of threads!) but navigating around the mountains was my first special place in my meditation world of adventures.  

I am partaking on the Live Instagram and Facebook at the moment and tune in every Wednesday from 6:15pm first Instagram then Facebook so try and tune in too!!!

You can get the whole album here at The Shop.