#64 - Affirmations & Manifestations

On my last vlog on Instagram I was talking about some prioritising some simple positive vibes in the form of affirmations and manifestations.  As you know this is a bit of an inside job.  It's about making a bit of a routine to really feel the vibes, now looking in the mirror at yourself trying to manifest being rich is not what I mean (but great to experiment with!!)!!!  But, maybe looking in the mirror (e.g. whilst you are doing your make-up) or by the kitchen where you mindfully chop, or daydreaming at your desk, think of the best place that you can help focus your positive vibrations on...

So here is a little inspirational guide for you,  write down a couple of things you want to work on.  Keep it simple....I found this guideline worked for me, try it out...

1. Always start with the present tense, imagine and declare it is already true.

2. Be positive!  Highlight what you do want, our mind doesn't register the negatives.

3. Be concise, making a shorter sentence is better and easier to remember - rhyming can help..!

4. Include action to affirm yourself.

5. Include a feeling word.  E.g. thanking, loving, freely for example, the outcome you desire.

So weird, it's like stating the obvious, but chatting to yourself things can seem a bit weird.  We spend most of our time focussing on the next thing, this is a mini point to take a step back and use these little tools on a daily basis.  Here below my artistic half an hour workshop was so much fun, just go with your gut!!

Every time I am dithering around the house, I see it and say it, and it totally grounds me.  I am not even joking!  


IMG_1825 2.jpg