Taking time out for Tarifa teaching

Hello Spain!

I was invited to come to Kara's Yoga Retreat in the beautiful Tarifa recently to guest teach some yoga and meditation classes.  What a dream, it's know to be the 'wind capital' of the south of Spain, the weather is popular with Kite Surfing and was of course as expected windy, but really warm and sunny!!  

Only an hour away from Gibraltar airport, the venue was beautiful with two swimming pools, breathtaking views, delicious freshly cooked vegetarian food (complete with an outdoor BBQ area) and a cool studio to take a break from the sun during class.  We swopped skills with Kara being a specialist athlete teacher (taking time out of her busy rowing schedule in Henley-on-Thames!) and my Hatha & Vinyassa and deep Yoga Nidra relaxation classes, we were a perfect partnership to compliment each other for the guest's yoga experience.

The sea was glistening (and fresh from the Atlantic!) blue and the was terrain rich in nature, there was always with a local cafe round the corner to visit in our spare time in the local town.  We meandered through the streets where there were copious amounts of colourful treats to buy straight off the boat from Morocco. 

It was lovely to meet new friends and share stories together, we all left feeling totally refreshed and 'Zen' taking home some special memories back to England.    Thanks to Kara for inviting me to come to her first retreat and especially eating her delicious homemade breakfasts - divine!!  Can't wait to come back soon!

“I flow through life with ease and peace. I am relaxed” - This was my Yoga Nidra Sankalpa intention setting theme for the class.  Everyone left feeling was totally relaxed!  Yay!!   


Team Yoga - There is Morrocco peeping it's head out!

Team Yoga - There is Morrocco peeping it's head out!