#51 My Yogi Hero - International Women's Day

There are many legends all over the world who spring to mind when I think about celebrating International Women's Day.  As well as my mum Jane, aunties, cousins, and friends and more there is one lady in particular who I massively admire for her contribution to the yogic community.  The oldest lady in the work the yoga teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch who I believe is 98 years old?!!  A true legend of power and grace, she uses her simple mantras every day that have helped her live a healthy life and still going strong!!  

'Anything is possible, nothing is impossible'

'Know that the joy of living is right inside you'

'Live it, believe in it!'

So every time my MS get difficult and challenging, I look to her as my hero it just shows you really can do anything!!  She is so inspirational and hats off to her for all her help she has done to the community may she be an inspiration to all!  Namaste :)