#56 Insight Timer Meditation - Digital Detox!


For those who are already on Insight Timer the cool meditation app, check put my profile and have a listen to my NEW adult digital detox.  For those who are not already on it, there is a plethora of guided meditations available from across the world.  It's definitely worth downloading it, think of it as a bit of a different version to Headspace or Calm app, but it's free!

The digital detox is 10 minute meditation recording and is crafted to help de-stress and give a calm but instructive approach guided meditations.  It is perfect to listen to at work on your lunch break, or anytime you are feeling overloaded from digital devices.  The style is to re-focus and help ground the digital mind and empty the brain of negative digital thoughts.

Have a listen, keep posted for the NEW Children's Meditation series in 2018.




Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 21.02.07.png