#46 - twenty sixteen new yizzle

It's so easy to sit down and write all your plans and intentions for the new year.  It's even easier for me to write down a list of things to share with you with the intention that you may cross off your list of things to do in January and for the next 12 months.  Or you set your intentions, with the intention of not breaking them..  

Whilst most of mine have already gone out the window I have realised not to beat myself up about it, I have already had a pizza, a couple of glasses of vino, I have eaten sweeties and my proposed exercise regime had been slightly limiting.  I spent the first week 'on it' and tried to do too much which left me absolutely exhausted on every level.

So, I hereby announce to all you juicers, January vegans, and new yoga enthusiasts keep on trucking.  I wake each day as a new day, not taking my past eek's with me, I have enjoyed my fizzy laces and warm hot chocolates with a smile.  Because actually life is about living and if you end up loosing your thread you can always get back on it.  Little little, makes all the difference inside and out, so enjoy January get out and about and do what you CAN do not all the things you want or plan to do (too much).  


Feel your positivity and feel your rewards.  It's Friday, so tune in to this belter, close your eyes and have a dance, after all, everyday is special.  Let's make this New 2017 Year a healthy and happy one with realistic intentions, dream big and let the games begin!