#39 Woweeee - Lemon Tree Wedding Yoga - Lucie & Will

I was honoured to be asked to teach a class for a beautiful bride Lucie, and in the early hours of Saturday morning in preparation for her big day I went off to the New Forest in Hampshire!  She had an amazing group of friends too who were very excited and looking forward to relaxing before her big day.  

I had created a special program for the Bride encompassing a smooth delivery of a mixture of meditation and yoga asanas to stretch out their bodies whilst making sure the girls didn't break a sweat before the hair and make-up artist had worked her magic!  It was important to also work on their legs for deep stretching as well as a combination of prayanama breathing exercises to help focus their minds.  And not to forget the important work out for their calf muscles for their dancing moves for the long day of celebration wearing heels!

One of my favourite uplifting tracks I chose in my mix compilation was a remix of MGMT x Glass Animals - Electric Feel & Gooey (Jovani Occomy x Olmos Cover).  Have a listen on Youtube here:


What a perfect start to her wedding day it was, as shown here with the bridesmaids who connected together nicely towards the end of the practice with some fun partner yoga, before they drifted off into their Shavasana meditation.

Sending all the love to Mr & Mrs Lucie and Will Lemay, and thank you for the opportunity, what an amazing day, a historical date for 2016 BIG LOVE XXXXX