#37 Eye of the Tiger

I recently spent some time in London whilst I went to have an update meeting with my neurologist at The Royal London Hospital.  I took some time out and headed to the National Gallery near Trafalgar square, the weather was warm so it was a perfect time to get outside and explore.  I found this beautiful artist Natalia Freeman it was so inspirational to see how much effort and detail that she draws rain or shine, she sits on the tarmac on the pavement, and makes a new piece each day!  This is the start of her drawing, before it is coloured in, wow lady good skills!!


Take the power of the tiger to your practice.

Take the power of the tiger to your practice.

Here is a perfect asana that stimulates your body from top to toe!  It brings some energy into your practice a marries well in the cat/cow series if you are familiar with that.  If you are brave you could add the sound effect of a raging roarrrrrrrr🐯at the same time!  Its really good for the core muscle group, I'd recommend trying 8 x reps rest, then 8 x reps rest, then change sides, if you want you can start with less reps you can and then build it up. 

Vyaghrasana Asana - Tiger Pose

  • Set yourself in the cat stretch pose.
  • Maintain equal distance between the knees and hands.
  • Hold the arms straight and keep the eyes open.
  • This is the primary position.
  • Inhale deep.
  • Slowly raise the right leg towards the back when it gets parallel to the back.
  • Then raise the lower knee and bring it towards the head.
  • Turn the neck towards the back.
  • The sole gets towards the back.
  • Balance the body in this pose.
  • Keep the eyes open and bring the consciousness between the eyebrow centers.
  • Place any soft matter if you realize any knee pain.
  • Exhale and bend down the neck and the right knee.
  • Bring the right knee between the arms and attempt to touch the nose.
  • Raise the back upwards.
  • Hold yourself in this pose for a while.
  • Place back the leg near the knee and straighten the neck.
  • Similarly repeat this with the left leg and complete the cycle.