Hard Heart #23

It's been my 3 x years since went into hospital this week when I took myself to A&E not being able to speak or communicate and didn't come back for a few weeks!!

I had my first epileptic fit after my brain surgery, to say the least it was very horrible.  It was a Grand Mal tonic/clonic fit and it took my a while to recover.  Since I stopped breathing for more than 3 minutes all of the muscles around my heart had seized up and they have never been the same.  

It feels like a click in your chest that can't be clicked, or the stretch that can't be stretched.  The muscles have gone hard and no matter how I try with yoga and prayanama it doesn't go away.  I know that with MS sometimes they refer to it as the 'MS Hug' when all your intercostal muscles (in between your ribs) feel like they are being crushed.  So, when it happens to me I have been working on a series of asanas and stretches I think would be helpful to anyone who needs a seated stretch around the chest area.

  • It takes about 7 minutes - use a mat or a towel
  • Sit down comfortably in a quiet place with your legs crossed
  • Ground yourself with your eyes closed and taking a few deep breaths
  • Gently tip your head and hold for a few seconds left & right
  • Sat down rotate in a circle from the hip clock wise and anti clockwise
  • Put your arms up, and put your hands on your head, slowly look left and right
  • Reach up, putting both your hands up touching your palms to the sky and hold
  • Slowly, bend to the right and left
  • Forward bend, reaching down to the mat with your hands in-between your legs
  • Taking both hands behind you clasped, pulling your shoulders down, breath
  • Gently lower yourself to the mat looking downwards towards the mat
  • Come into prayer position



Fit fabulous exercise  

Fit fabulous exercise