January 2018 saw the launch of the DOVE - Real Beauty campaign. What an exciting photoshoot to be part of, it was three days of costume changes, we were working with an amazing team from start to finish! I flagged at the last hurdle to be honest fatigue had set in, despite the delicious sarnies that they laid on, it was so hot and bright in the studio and some intense flashing (an Epileptic’s dream) I mean where the purple m&m’s……Ha haaa, jokes aside, It was to help portray women as they are in real life. My Multiple Sclerosis has many invisible symptoms and you can't see that through the camera. Real life. But I enjoyed it so much, it really helped me build back my confidence in so many ways! Thanks all for the opportunity! :)

The ‘Dove Real Beauty Pledge’

The ‘Dove Real Beauty Pledge’

Dove Aims to:

1) We portray women as they are in real life

2) We portray women with diversity, honesty and respect

3) We help girls build body confidence and self-esteem


You know just hanging out casual Copenhagen Station style.

You know just hanging out casual Copenhagen Station style.


Oh then we found out we were pregnant!!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 12.32.37.png

Pregnancy & Yoga & MS

First Trimester

Now this is like an old wives tale I was somehow looking forward to, that when you are pregnant, all of your MS symptoms vanish, which they.do.not. I thought I can just keep on being pregnant for the rest of my life. No relapses, no disease modifying drugs during pregnancy. No protection, no problem. YAYYYY. Dealing with the desperate fatigue pregnancy gives you, is not a patch on the normal MS fatigue you get anyway, I can manage it. Unsteady balance, sure thing. Morning sickness, well I just ate my way through that, just massively wretching whilst hobbling down the road. Bla bla blaaaaaaa!! :)

During my 2nd trimester in the summer of ‘18, as things were heating up, I was starting to become a bit larger (and sweatier). It all started pretty quickly, I couldn’t work out other it was the fatigue and heat making me feel a bit sketchy or things were making me super ‘puggled’.

I was having a major relapse. (FYI- A relapse is the collection of symptoms that arise because of new inflammation and demyelination in the brain and/orspinal cord.) Within one week, I lost the ability to walk, I was majorly slurring my words, and lost the ability to write and understand information amount other things. I tried to deny things, like it wasn’t happening. Because - I had no MS medication whilst i was pregnant I had no protection. I had new symptoms which meant the legions in my brain were in completely different places. (In layman’s terms, the different parts of your brain are linked with different parts of your body). The scarring is permanent (multiple scarring) so you have to re-route all your pathways as your brain has been damaged.

I have an aggressive form. It was pretty scary. After I had a course of intertravenous steroids, antibiotics and lots of physiotherapy, I managed to be discharged a week later which was a massive relief for now.

Third trimester Carrying a child around inside of you makes you feel like you would do anything to protect them. An overwhelming feeling of surviving - it’s weird. I left the hospital and recovered as much as I could, rested, my epilepsy meant I had to try and relax in a dark chilled out room with my guided meditations. I and totally addicted to, and I love exploring the different types. I find it brings me a massive sense of peace and clarity. I started to write again scribbled at first words came slowly, I had a strong sense of being a warrior lady for my new baby. I could do it reassuring myself every day.

I had a planned C-section, as I wouldn’t have the energy for the birth and had a high risk of a having a seizure. The birth was totally magical and Iain was too. Hector Hurley, was born at 10:10hrs. It took 4 minutes, and I didn’t feel I thing he was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen! So tiny though he weighed in at 8' 3oz, a total dreamboat……and a day later I had a seizure in the ward. It was horrible, long story short, I was in for a week :( I didn’t remember much after that.


After a glorious 5 years in Hove we moved to Brighton taaan. A massive relief we are now on the ground floor. No stairs a blessing for the potential relapses where I can get limited mobility, and even more we can drive the buggy straight in the house!!


~Beautiful Faces - My Baby Shower Celebration~


Friends - forever. What can I say, a generous mix of colourful beauties, an array of some really thoughtful girls. Much love XXXX

~ September ~

The Arrival of Hector Hurley. Our boy finally arrived at 39 weeks a smooth operation with scars to prove it. Each day we fall more and more in love with him :)



Brought me NEW MEDICATION. (I will be able to report back soon).

I saw this online and thought it was a great advert and really communicates the idea if what MS is like. Well sone the MS society!

This was the Christmas advert from the MS Society:


So that’s it in a nutshell, we have laughed, cried, been scared shitless. just the useh. Pure joy.

Looking forward to see what 2019 brings!!


#64 - Affirmations & Manifestations

On my last vlog on Instagram I was talking about some prioritising some simple positive vibes in the form of affirmations and manifestations.  As you know this is a bit of an inside job.  It's about making a bit of a routine to really feel the vibes, now looking in the mirror at yourself trying to manifest being rich is not what I mean (but great to experiment with!!)!!!  But, maybe looking in the mirror (e.g. whilst you are doing your make-up) or by the kitchen where you mindfully chop, or daydreaming at your desk, think of the best place that you can help focus your positive vibrations on...

So here is a little inspirational guide for you,  write down a couple of things you want to work on.  Keep it simple....I found this guideline worked for me, try it out...

1. Always start with the present tense, imagine and declare it is already true.

2. Be positive!  Highlight what you do want, our mind doesn't register the negatives.

3. Be concise, making a shorter sentence is better and easier to remember - rhyming can help..!

4. Include action to affirm yourself.

5. Include a feeling word.  E.g. thanking, loving, freely for example, the outcome you desire.

So weird, it's like stating the obvious, but chatting to yourself things can seem a bit weird.  We spend most of our time focussing on the next thing, this is a mini point to take a step back and use these little tools on a daily basis.  Here below my artistic half an hour workshop was so much fun, just go with your gut!!

Every time I am dithering around the house, I see it and say it, and it totally grounds me.  I am not even joking!  


IMG_1825 2.jpg

#62 Goddess Sesh - Feeling the Fire*

Catching up, when it was baltic a couple of weeks ago, the country stood frozen and trapped in places.  Schools were closed, motorways were blocked, and everyone was on full meltdown.  There is something pretty magical and Christmasssy when it snows in the UK, to have a full dump is pretty rare.  We are known to chat about the weather all the time, it is a natural common ground amongst strangers.  ideal ammunition for chatting to strangers in shops, and supermarket queues, you meet some random faces to connect with!  

To have snow in February was pretty cooel, we donned out thermals and tried to get out to experience it as prepared as we could!  Personally I used this as a reflective time with my lesson planning, as what people want to do is spend ages in the bath, crank up the heating to full blast.  Drink a gallon of hot chocolate and snuggle down into bed.

I was thinking about class, and although the heating was on warm there was a bite in the air!  I wanted to create an invigorating class, and now that made my students feel powerful and pumped.  Now to feel a bit of a burn, or should I say more challenging pose there is nothing better than this!

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 17.03.56.png

Goddess Pose, aka, Ukata Konasana.

'This pose is working two dimensions of the body, it opens the hips and chest, while strengthening and toning the lower body; the legs, knees and ankles. Goddess pose stimulates the uro-genital eh hem... respiratory and cardiovascular systems.'  Basically all the good stuff!!

  • Utkata Konasana (oot-KAH-tuh cone-AHS-uh-nuh).
  • Easy pose to perform to help you harness the forces of the Universe while stretching and toning your core.
  • Helps connect to our inner goddess, finding a common space with your powerful feminine energy.
  • Start slowly, in mountain pose, to ease into the pose.
  • During each exercise, make sure to maintain a focus on your breathing.
  • Hands to heart, up towards the ceiling. 
  • Heel toe to back to normal

I remembered learning the godess pose and loved it.  Say goodbye to squidgy inner thighs, well hello y0u can see them...  Good goals though!!

Namaste XX

Artist credit:  http://hannahadamaszek.com

#61 The Mountains Insta-live

A couple of weeks ago, I revisited The Mountains episode, I wanted to take the opportunity to read one of my scripts out loud LIVE!  I have only just started doing live vids.....It's a totally different experience, when it is recorded in the studio as you can totally 'get in the zone' you are in a dark soundproofed room!  Rather than in the yoga studio filmed on my wobbly iPhone well it was challenging!  All in the spirit of amateur iPhone filming, I think it gave a bit of a taste The Mountains for anyone who hasn't already downloaded the album. (See below the preview clip).  

In the mountains, you are surrounded by nature.  Pure, authentic, eternal and pure, nothing is more natural, finding your own little trail or footpath to lead you on your meditation journey. 


It was the first one I wrote and was inspired from my visits to the Alps in France where I had been in the summer and winter a few times.  It is so special, grand pine trees that would give way to beautiful fields of wildflowers everywhere, there is such an evocative scent of lavender and pure sweetness everywhere there.

I would be aware of my breathing, slow down the pace....Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale... pure, fresh clean air is everywhere, inside and out. You feel healthy and invigorated just thinking about it - try it!!

I wanted to go back to that place and I wanted to inspire the kids to, but everyone has their own imagination.  If you said 'draw a tree' or a 'mountain' they would all be a bit different with different colours and styles.  

It set me off on my thread, (I have a lot of threads!) but navigating around the mountains was my first special place in my meditation world of adventures.  

I am partaking on the Live Instagram and Facebook at the moment and tune in every Wednesday from 6:15pm first Instagram then Facebook so try and tune in too!!!

You can get the whole album here at The Shop.



#60 Self Love - One Love - 14th Feb

Sending all the love out for this Valentine’s week!  Love was in the air in Brighton townnn, there were certainly a few in the queue for last minute dash for flowers!!  Now despite the commercial crap, you can use this special time to reflect and learn to love yourself a little bit more!!

It is really important to express some self-love, it can be really hard to prioritise looking after yourself.  One thing I learnt was the MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life is your health, if you don’t have your health you don't have your job, your life!  Lying in hospital I soon realised this, work was such a massive priority and looking after myself came second.  Now for me but it’s about getting a balance, love yourself and love your health!  Have a look below at some special tips I'd like to share with you!




  • Sleep

    • - You can never get too much sleep it repairs your brain cells much needed for loving!
  • Meditate

  • Laugh

    • Spend time with friends and family that make you feel happy. Surrounding yourself with happy, fun-loving, optimistic people will bring out your happy side, and their behaviour will rub off on you as you subconsciously mimic their behavioural patterns he heeeee!
  • Be creative -  be crazy - get lucky

    • Try out my new flower mandala!!
  • Self care

    • Bathe by beautiful candle light and rose oil - yum!

Using Love & Flower Mandalas for Self Image

I wanted to be a bit creative with my meditation last night, so I used put together all the ingredients for a little love mandala workshop!!  It's a great way to meditate on love, such a powerful way to learn to love yourself.

It has a therapeutic and meditative focus and helps to clarify the mind and thoughts.  Perhaps you could visualise on a few different elements of yourself that you appreciate.  Then choosing your flowers, you will visually express appreciation on yourself, it is a great way to reflect and boost your self esteem.  The process of creating your mandala will also help quiet the mind’s activity and also appreciate the vibrant and colourful shapes can see!

My flower mandala I created was for my evening meditation, focusing my attention on love (Roses) and evoking beauty and togetherness.  All you need is:

  • Flowers, botanical bit and bobs
  • Clear backdrop
  • Time

Here is my Love Lemon Tree luverly love mandala, not bad for a Live Facebook & Instagram attempt!!  Move over Blue Peter....Don't forget to tune in each week on Wednesday 6:15pm!

Love & Light :) 



#59 Top 5 Calming Children's Activities to celebrate Children's Mental Health Week

It's children's mental health week, something that is very close to my heart and I'm keen to promote awareness of... helping children understand their emotions is exactly why I created my guided meditations for kids.

“Stress and social media fuel mental health crisis”

Sadly it's becoming more and more important in our stressed out, time poor and image obsessed society to find things to counteract anxiety and stress in children.

‘70 per cent of mental health problems arise during childhood and adolescence, which proves how crucial it is for adults to step in and offer support as early as possible’.

It's true that children's mental health issues are on the rise, and unfortunately at the same time, support and care is on the decrease.

“Soaring numbers of children seeing psychiatrists amid anxiety epidemic”


Meditation isn't the only way to counteract stress, there's lots of other simple things you can do together at home which have a calming effect on the nervous system.

I've been sharing some of my favourite mindful children's activities on my Instagram and Facebook this week, you are welcome to have a look at those, but for those of you staying off social media, here are 10 of my favourite relaxing activities and quick calming body and mind activities for parents and children...

Top 5 Children's Activities to Counteract Stress & Anxiety

  • Have a cuddle! It's amazing what a simple hug can do. Doctors are quoted listing hugging benefits such as lowering heart rate, deepening breathing and lowering blood pressure. When panic strikes I say, hug it out!

  • Sensory Bottles. This is one I shared on Instagram earlier; making pretty bottles full of liquid and little objects is a fun and grounding creative activity in itself, you then have a lovely 'calm bottle' for those moments when things get a bit too much. Children can watch the swirling patterns and re-ground themselves when they need a bit of time out.

  • Yoga. This is a lovely relaxing thing to do as an adult, and it's just as much for children too. It's also a great bonding time!

  • Play dough or clay play; remember those stress balls? There was a reason people had them on their desks. Squashing and squeezing play dough or clay has a really lovely calming effect, and gives you time to talk about emotions too. You could make shapes for different emotions, or create a sculpture of how you feel right now.

  • Painting (with hands) Just like with play dough, getting your hands covered in paint and feeling the textures helps you to reconnect with your body which is instantly calming, and again this offers a great way to express emotions that are difficult for little ones to put into words.

What are your favourite 'calm down' activities or mindful play with your little ones?

If meditation is on your list, have a listen to my meditation guide to get you started. If you like it you can buy my children's guided meditation album on CD baby here, and get started tonight at bedtime! 

The theme of this mental health week is 'Being ourselves' which I love... Here are some other great strategies for kids:

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.48.49.png

I'd love to hear how you are celebrating Children's Mental Health Week, and what strategies you use to promote healthy minds all year round! 

I'll be going live on Instagram and Facebook this evening at around 6pm GMT, if you have any questions or tips for me, tune in and get involved.

See you later.

Love Laura Lemon Tree x

#56 Insight Timer Meditation - Digital Detox!


For those who are already on Insight Timer the cool meditation app, check put my profile and have a listen to my NEW adult digital detox.  For those who are not already on it, there is a plethora of guided meditations available from across the world.  It's definitely worth downloading it, think of it as a bit of a different version to Headspace or Calm app, but it's free!

The digital detox is 10 minute meditation recording and is crafted to help de-stress and give a calm but instructive approach guided meditations.  It is perfect to listen to at work on your lunch break, or anytime you are feeling overloaded from digital devices.  The style is to re-focus and help ground the digital mind and empty the brain of negative digital thoughts.

Have a listen, keep posted for the NEW Children's Meditation series in 2018.




Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 21.02.07.png




Get your Christmas gifts here!!

A special Christmas price of 25% of all orders for a limited time only, these beautiful hand made, Fair Trade cushions are a perfect gift to brighten up your sofa on these cold winter days.  A variety of covers, hollow fibre and handmade British Duck Feather inserts.

Order now until Tuesday 19th of December.

Merry Christmas :)


#55 PRE-ORDER ~ The Sea ~ Children's Meditation


PRE-ORDER ~ The Sea ~ NOW!!!

Just sign up to the website at the bottom of my homepage here to pre-order your track!  Welcome the New Year by starting off with the right mind set, settle down with your Children and enjoy this Guided Meditation.   This is a perfect tool to help relax and chill out together on your own meditation journey, take a trip into The Sea and use your bubble breath as it takes you down into the magical deep blue sea.

This is an easy listening 10 minute meditation, a visualisation technique that can be used after school at home, or before bed.  So lie down gently, close your eyes, and get ready for your Meditation Adventure!


#54 Winter Warmer - Totally Tea

Last night the frost arrived for the first time, what a treat!  Beautifully dusted on every surface in Bri-ami!  The bed socks come on, heating is cranked up, and in our house there is an array of delicious teas in the cupboard...

If you have time pre-make some delicious fresh herbs and spices (grated turmeric, squeezed lemon, ginger, and what ever you fancy which you can freeze) to invigorate your tastebuds for a morning cuppa....

If you want a quick fix then try some of these beauties tea blends.  Rooibos, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon or, chamomile and rose hibiscus, even rose hibiscus cinnamon, dried coconut and apple! 

To be served with your favourite morning snack!



Fresh herbs for dem morning cuppas.


Keep hydrated choose your teas wisely, having green tea before bed probably not a good idea, check the pre-made mixes,  (they sometimes have have a cheeky green in there). 

I try and drink at least 4 or 5 a day, great cleansing and super delish!! Get creative!

#53 Portugal Soul & Surf Right Onnnnnn!!

I escaped for a beautiful relaxing break for the last of the summer sun in October in Portugal.  What a treat, the weather was unexpectedly divine for late October.  Early morning and evening yoga then surfer paradise lessons was certainly exhausting, but super detoxing (apart from the homemade sangria which was lusssshh!!).

I met some amazing ladies, who will stay in my heart forever, so mad in less than a week you can meet some international legends that feel like some of your best friends from back home!!  There was a huge healthy breakfast provided a delicious and nutritious meal start the day.  I leant to be patient, surfing is such an easy way to let your ego get the better for you.  Naturally you want to make sure you get a good wave.  Naturally you want to make sure all the advice the teachers give you before has been ingrained into your head.  The sea is so powerful, you have to surrender both mentally and physically, I mean literally you are surviving being bashed around.  Again and again, it throws you around like a rag doll.  Your ego is bruised, you face is full of saltwater, your bogies are streaming everywhere.  Chatting to your bronzed surf teacher with a face full of bogies makes you feel well, so 'un-cool'.  That's exactly when you, let-it-all-go.

I chose my battles, partly because I was too exhausted, my MS fatigue was next level.  Just walking through the tide from the beach to the horizon was tough.  They say it's like wading through sand, but I think it's the same thing, wading through gushing water.  Being dragged against the current, fatigue is a fucker, but it's a reality for me, and there is nothing more satisfying the catching a wave.  You feel free, and connected with the beautiful earth we live, in mother nature is a next level.

More please.  Here is my first day...nose cracker and split, blood everywhere, teacher says.  I have a 'bloody' hitler style moustache on my lip.  Charming!

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 09.54.48.png


Sunrise yoga session!

Sunrise yoga session!

loz surf.jpg

Catching a beauty.

YES surf.jpg

Conquer that yaaayyyy.  NAMASTER SURFER GIRL!!

Taking time out for Tarifa teaching

Hello Spain!

I was invited to come to Kara's Yoga Retreat in the beautiful Tarifa recently to guest teach some yoga and meditation classes.  What a dream, it's know to be the 'wind capital' of the south of Spain, the weather is popular with Kite Surfing and was of course as expected windy, but really warm and sunny!!  

Only an hour away from Gibraltar airport, the venue was beautiful with two swimming pools, breathtaking views, delicious freshly cooked vegetarian food (complete with an outdoor BBQ area) and a cool studio to take a break from the sun during class.  We swopped skills with Kara being a specialist athlete teacher (taking time out of her busy rowing schedule in Henley-on-Thames!) and my Hatha & Vinyassa and deep Yoga Nidra relaxation classes, we were a perfect partnership to compliment each other for the guest's yoga experience.

The sea was glistening (and fresh from the Atlantic!) blue and the was terrain rich in nature, there was always with a local cafe round the corner to visit in our spare time in the local town.  We meandered through the streets where there were copious amounts of colourful treats to buy straight off the boat from Morocco. 

It was lovely to meet new friends and share stories together, we all left feeling totally refreshed and 'Zen' taking home some special memories back to England.    Thanks to Kara for inviting me to come to her first retreat and especially eating her delicious homemade breakfasts - divine!!  Can't wait to come back soon!

“I flow through life with ease and peace. I am relaxed” - This was my Yoga Nidra Sankalpa intention setting theme for the class.  Everyone left feeling was totally relaxed!  Yay!!   


Team Yoga - There is Morrocco peeping it's head out!

Team Yoga - There is Morrocco peeping it's head out!


#52 BABY ZINNIA- Last call for Mother's Day discounts!


The last call for FREE shipping for single cushion covers, plus and amazing array of beautiful designs PERFECT for bringing some SPRING brightness to your sofa or bedroom great gift idea she will LOVE IT!!

The most popular are the Handmade British Duck Feather inserts, so deliciously comfy and beautiful!  Here is Zinnia modelling with the Zeon Flower!!!



#51 My Yogi Hero - International Women's Day

There are many legends all over the world who spring to mind when I think about celebrating International Women's Day.  As well as my mum Jane, aunties, cousins, and friends and more there is one lady in particular who I massively admire for her contribution to the yogic community.  The oldest lady in the work the yoga teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch who I believe is 98 years old?!!  A true legend of power and grace, she uses her simple mantras every day that have helped her live a healthy life and still going strong!!  

'Anything is possible, nothing is impossible'

'Know that the joy of living is right inside you'

'Live it, believe in it!'

So every time my MS get difficult and challenging, I look to her as my hero it just shows you really can do anything!!  She is so inspirational and hats off to her for all her help she has done to the community may she be an inspiration to all!  Namaste :)


#50 New Stock at The Shop Spring Ting

Spring Collection new stock in The Shop!  I have personally selected some beautiful handmade cushions perfect for brightening up your sofa. I have also been using them for my seated meditation as well as a yoga prop for my pregnancy yoga class and others.  I like these as they are hand embroidered and a lot of care is taken into producing them and so bright and colourful.

They are fair trade and I especially love the covers with a British Handmade Duck Feather insert as they so comfy!!!  Or alternatively if you'd like the cushion cover without the insert they are a perfect present to pop in the post as a gift!

There is a FREE SHIPPING offer for the cushion covers at the moment so grab them whilst they are hot!!!

Namaste :)

#49 Market Winner Announced!

I am pleased to announce the winner of the Lemon Tree goody bag give away was the lovely Joanne who said...

"Laura....my goody bag came today....omg in love with the cushion cover thank you so much, and my 16 yr old has a blocked nose and is struggling to sleep too.....so the lavender and eucalyptus incense was just the ticket too!"

Sending out all the Lemon Tree love to all my customers!!  Keep your eyes peeled for the new stock at The Shop!